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Belly Zone
What is Belly Zone?
Belly Zone is an upbeat low impact musical mix of belly dance with styles from around the world. While learning the basic moves of belly dance you will drill short combinations that improve balance, co-ordination, self esteem and stamina but most importantly having fun. The main aim is to improve strength, agility and flexibility of the core muscles; those muscles around the waist that are the most problematic though the most crucial!

Who is it for? It is for all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Dance or fitness experience is not essential however if you are already a Belly Dance student then this class will really give you a workout. Note. You do not need to show your belly, please wear leggings or similar, but not jeans or you can wear a skirt. Soft ballet shoes of better still go barefoot.

Belly Zone Plus
What is Belly Zone Plus and who is it for?
This is for the more experience students who want to further their knowledge into Egyptian; Turkish, American Cabaret, Fusion and Folkloric styles of Belly Dance. In this class you will concentrate on improving technique and learning choreography with a variety of props and a chance to become a member of the Medina performance group.



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